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God's Word encourages us to bring all our cares to God because he cares for us. That is why we encourage everyone to pray persistently. Our elders, staff, and prayer ministers also care for you and are ready to pray for you.

Share your prayer request through the submission button below, and partner in prayer with others as you read and pray for their requests below. If you would like to remain anonymous, please enter "Anonymous" as your First Name. If you prefer your request not be displayed publicly on the web page, please un-check "yes" to allow publication on the submission form.

November 22


Please pray for my husband, he is in the hospital at Methodist. He had a severe allergic reaction to one of his medications and is intubated in the ICU unit.

November 22


My wife, has uterine cancer. Pray she is strong enough for surgery soon & any necessary follow up radiation/chemo treatment so that she can be to restored completely to health, and that she endures minimal pain, if any, in the process.

November 21


Please pray for my two sons and me we have been separated for fifteen years. The holidays are so hard each and every just want God to restore our relationship

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November 20


I need prayer for my health. Thank you!

November 20


Prayers for my son to return to God. He is living in The Netherlands and has said he is no longer a believer. I cry out to the Lord for words of wisdom -- I am at a loss. I need prayer for his conviction and for me to pray as I've never prayed before

November 20


Father, thank you for your Grace and Faithfulness. You are a good God and have everything in control. Thank you that the drought is over. Thank for opening the right door and breakthrough in a new beginning.In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

November 19


Prayer Request: Deliverance and protection from abusive and manipulative people and situations

November 19


Please pray that the Lord takes care of the current battle over my homelife. The devil is trying to take my home from me and my family. Pray that the issues get resolved for my family.

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November 19


praise Him for His tender mercies!!! beloved in Christ, i had throat and thyroid difficulties for over a year. last week was the worst. the thyroid was painful. now, the pain and difficulty swallowing is gone. praise God for His deliverance!!!

November 18


Please pray for my mom she has been diagnosed with cancer. Please pray that she will completely be healed here on earth so she can see her grandchildren grow up.

November 18


Please pray that my brother and his family find comfort during the lord of their son/brother. He passed this Sunday. He suffered from obesity and lost his battle. But my sister in law is angry at God. What do I say to give her comfort

November 18


Please pray for a new job for RV. His company was bought out & his job no longer exists. Pleas pray that the VA will process his claims quickly & justly.

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November 15


Please pray for my friend healing from intestinal issues.

November 14


Came to Christ in 87 in Illinois. Am a South African. Was an Airline Pilot until COVID. Unemployed for 2 yrs. Moved to Brazil with my wife. Due to pilot shortage in USA, please pray that I may somehow get a Green Card to come work for airline in USA.

November 13


Please pray for my daughter. She’s a hard working student. Her anxiety impacts her test taking. She knows the content but is having difficulties applying what she knows b/c she gets worked up beforehand. With God’s help she’ll get through this.

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November 13


Father , you are good, thank you for your faithfulness. You are the God of second chances, fresh starts and new beginnings. Thank you that the drought is over and help is on the way. Thank you for my new beginning. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

November 13


Please pray for me; I've been divorced since May 1999 and I've been praying for a husband to love me and serve God with. Please that God reveals the reason why I'm still single; is it age, appearance, since, or demonic opposition?

November 13


Please pray for my Daughter; memories of sexual abuse by her father and sister came to the surface during the pandemic. Please pray for her to be healed, whole, set free and delivered so that she can be a healthy adult able to succeed in life.

November 13


Please pray for the C family. Dad passed away 11/10 from the effects of COVID with COPD. Mother is in the same hospital recovering. Prayers for the Lords comfort and peace for the family during this sad time.

November 12


Please add my brother, to our prayer list. He's at the hospital awaiting surgery for a ruptured appendix. Thanks and blessings

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November 11


Hi friends.We are from India.Please pray that my wife be healed from severe gas problem and acidity problem and indigestion problem as she was suffering from the last one week. Thank you for your kind and sincere prayers🙏

November 10


Prayer Request: God's blessing in my business and that God protects these businesses and gives me many sales

November 10


Dear friends in Christ, please pray for me and my mother