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God's Word encourages us to bring all our cares to God because he cares for us. That is why we encourage everyone to pray persistently. Our elders, staff, and prayer ministers also care for you and are ready to pray for you.

Share your prayer request through the submission button below, and partner in prayer with others as you read and pray for their requests below. If you would like to remain anonymous, please enter "Anonymous" as your First Name. If you prefer your request not be displayed publicly on the web page, please un-check "yes" to allow publication on the submission form.

November 28


Gina: pray that God will save us from our financial crisis. We are deep in debt and our business lost our clients.

November 27


Please pray that God would help Kathy accept his grace and shed the guilt and shame from past sins.

November 23


Please pray for Mark and Kellie, they are having a difficult time in their relationship. I know they love their children and I pray they will stay together in Christ.

Express love for others daily through serving.

November 22


Linda: please pray for the people who have been helping her, and for San Antonio.

November 22


Joani: My 9 year old granddaughter ran away from her mom. Please lord help us help her get out of that situation and be with her dad.

November 21


Ted and wife Diane. Ted's cancer has returned and the family requests prayers for courage and strength to accept God's will.

November 21


Barbara: suffering from severe anxiety, other health issues, and the strain of caring for her dependent adult son. Pray also that she would find her wallet.

November 21


Please pray for Tom, suffering with late stages of Alzheimer’s and wife Josie who is his primary caregiver. Her health is rapidly declining with the physical and emotional stress.

Step into biblical community and let's follow Jesus together.

November 20


God's sustenance and protection of Svetlana as she is released from a foreign prison.

November 20


Kristina: Please pray that I can recover from my dependency. That God will put the right people and circumstances in my life so that I can heal.

November 19


Matthew P: Please pray that no part of our group's property will be expropriated anymore - and that the company insisting on this would stop their actions. Please also pray for health issues within the family and for the safe arrival of expected parcels.

November 18


Victor: fighting for his life with kidney failure and in a coma in icu

Gather with other members of the body to sing praises, celebrate communion, exercise our spiritual gifts, pray for one another, and be taught from God’s Word.

November 18


Pray for Denise. Pray that God will remove the cancer; pray that God will give her strength to make it through this day, pray that God will keep her faith strong.

November 18


Please pray for Byrd family health/wholeness.

November 17


Please pray for Caleb who has tested positive for covid. We ask for complete restoration and for no one else at home to get the virus.

Loving, Christ-centered help is available to anyone in need.

November 17


Susan's daughter: diagnosed with a brain tumor. Susan: strength and stamina to care for her.

November 17


I pray for my sister Martha who is having chronic headaches. May the neurologist with God's guiding hands find a treatment to ease her pain.