Checking In and Checking Out


Checking In (2-3 minutes per person)
  • Invite everyone in the room to prepare themselves to share an adjective/adverb that describes how they feel at that moment, two sentences why, and a moment of appreciation.
  • After sharing how they feel, encourage the group member to give two sentences explaining why they feel that way.
  • Encourage everyone to share a moment of appreciation after they share how they are feeling. This could be a story of something that happened to them during the week or something that they are thankful for.
  • Training video for Checking In: Link
Checking Out (Listening Prayer)
  • The Leader slowly reads through the prayer prompts to end the time.
  • Invite everyone to close their eyes and focus on their breathing.
  • Ask them to think back to their moment of appreciation. Ask them to start sharing with God why they are thankful for that moment.
  • Ask them to ask God to reveal what he sees in that situation?
  • Think about a tough situation that you are going through, how is God present?
  • What is God giving you for this moment? Give the examples of joy, strength, or hope?
  • End the time of prayer then open it up for others in the group to share (it is not necessary for them to share at that moment but encourage them to share anything that God has revealed to them with someone that week).