AR Baptism Class & Ceremony


If I’m ready to schedule my baptism?
Baptisms are scheduled periodically throughout the year; however, we are ready to assist you at any time if you wish to be baptized. Families may also be baptized together.

OHC Alamo Ranch will have an Elder/Minister to assist with your confession of faith and to baptize you. You are also welcome to invite a family member or friend to perform your baptism.

On the day of your baptism, we encourage you to invite family and friends to be part of this special event in your faith journey.  Arriving in your “baptism clothes” (listed below) is preferred. However, you may change in the restrooms before and after you are baptized.

                       Females:      Bathing suit/T-shirt with shorts/exercise capris/pants

                       Males:          T-Shirt with Swimming Trunks/Shorts

                      Everyone:       Flip flops
                                            Wet Clothes Bag
                                            Hygiene supplies
                                            Dry Clothes

If I missed the class?
Elders and prayer ministers are available in the worship area during and after services each weekend. We would love to meet with you to discuss your acceptance of Christ and baptism before you are baptized.

If I want to schedule a meeting with a minister before baptism day?
If you prefer to meet with a minister to talk about baptism, please schedule an appointment by contacting:

                       Deb McGuire, Ministry Assistant at OHC Alamo Ranch
                                210.807.5260 or

 Next Class:    March 15, 2020            Next Baptism Sunday:    March 22, 2020