Del Rio: Fall Youth Sports Day STM, Nov. 12 - 14,2021 (2302)

September 01, 2021 to November 19, 2021
Del Rio, TX
Join OHC Student Ministry as they travel to Del Rio, TX to share the love of Christ to the youth of Del Rio. The OHC team will spend their weekend sharing Christ through the games of soccer and volleyball.

The OHC will serve alongside Reaching Across Ministries who has extensive relationships with churches and pastors in the Texas / Mexico border region. OHC will gather youth from six+ area churches and share the gospel of Christ through sports including a day of soccer, volleyball, and fellowship. In addition to sports, the youth will host a Saturday lunch and attend a local church on Sunday.

The OHC student team will travel by vans, departing on Friday and returning to OHC on Sunday afternoon.

Price per person is $65; students are asked to bring $20 for meal traveling to and returning from Del Rio.