Philippines STM: POSTPONED until late 2021 (2302)

November 20, 2020 to November 01, 2021
Bantayan, Philippines
POSTPONED until late 2021 due to COVID / travel restrictions. Bantayan for Christ Missions is our partnership team. We will be working & serving alongside of native pastors and leaders. One is Pastor Jason and his staff of ministers in the church that Grace Alota and her husband (now with the Lord) founded in 2005, known as Christian Faith Bible Church. We also partner with the Latreille family, OHC Missionaries who are serving in Cebu; they are working toward beginning a “Perspectives in Missions” course. We will be ministering alongside these native servants on Bantayan Island & many of the nearby islands, accessed by boat. The OHC team and our native team will share the physical and spiritual blessings with those in need. We will share medical outreach and children’s/adult ministry outreach in the villages as designated by our native leadership.

Trip Details:

- Place of Stay: We will stay in a hotel on Bantayan Island. Each room is double or triple occupancy with air conditioning; showers, hot water, bathroom facilities in each room.

- Meals: Breakfast & dinner are included in trip cost.

- Trip Orientation:  We will have Team meetings prior to our trip. We will provide you with a Team Informational Packet at the 1st Team Meeting.

- All Team Meetings will focus on building team unity, learning about the culture of our designated country, discuss and plan for our in-country service (activities as they relate to children, adult, medical , or other ministries).

For more trip details, see attached file.