AR New Volunteer Welcome

The heart and soul of OHC Alamo Ranch is its people. As we seek to serve, we find that the efforts of the faithful are vital to our daily mission. Therefore, we do not take your participation for granted! We know that what is accomplished at OHC Alamo Ranch would not be a reality without the faithful dedication of those who have answered the call to volunteer and be counted in service.

The opportunities for those looking to volunteer are endless. Finding an area where you can effectively serve as God leads you will be easily found.

We will review Volunteer areas and the following volunteer requirements:

• OHC Membership

• Creating an OHC account

• Volunteer Application

• Background Inquiry Release

• Ministry Safe Training and more!

These requirements are to be completed prior to being assigned to your volunteer opportunity area.

If you are interested in serving, click HERE to complete a volunteer application and get an early start. Then register and join other volunteers for this event.

Click HERE to register for our Life with Oak Hills class held every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Alamo Ranch Campus

(210) 807-5280

Vision Room

Date / Time

Registration closed on Tuesday, October 8, 2019