AR Welcomes New Volunteers!

The heart and soul of OHC Alamo Ranch is its people. As we seek to serve, we find that the efforts of the faithful are vital to our daily mission. Therefore, we do not take your participation for granted! We know that what is accomplished at OHC Alamo Ranch would not be a reality without the faithful dedication of those who have answered the call to volunteer and be counted in service.

The volunteer opportunities are endless! Finding an area where you can effectively serve as God leads you will be easily found. 

As an example of the many volunteer areas within one ministry alone, take a look at the Host Ministry. Volunteer Areas include the following Teams: 

  1. Administrative Support Team  
  2. Baptism Team
  3. Communion & Offering Serving Team
  4. Communion Prep Team
  5. Decorating Team
  6. First Aid Team
  7. Greeters Team for our Entrances
  8. Information Central Team
  9. Lobby Team
  10. Parking Lot Team
  11. Hospitality-Coffee Team
  12. Hospitality-Meals Team
  13. Interpreters-Spanish Team
  14. Property Improvements Team
  15. Ushers Team

OHC Alamo Ranch Ministries that welcome volunteers include the following:

  •     Student Ministry 
  •     Children's Ministry
  •     Worship & Production Ministry
  •     Host Ministry
  •     55+ Seniors Ministry
  •     Care & Growth Ministry
  •     Celebrate Recovery
  •     Marriage Ministry
  •     Men's Ministry
  •     Women's Ministry
  •     Young Adults Ministry
  •     Neighborhood Small Groups Ministry

As you can see, each ministry, like the Host Ministry above, has numerous teams to become a part of.

I'm ready to join a team...  

First, thank you for answering the call to serve. If you are ready to join our volunteer family, click HERE to complete a volunteer application. 

Second, if you would like to talk to someone about volunteering before signing up, you may contact the Ministry directly. 

            Student & Young Adults Ministries -----contact Jeremy Jennings at 210-807-5269 

            Children's Ministry---contact Ross Hendrickson at 210-807-5268 

            Worship & Production Ministry ---contact Allen Thomas at 210-807-5210 

           All other Ministries---contact Norma Jean Gonzales-Gerrish at 210-807-5280 

Finally, if your preference is to send a message directly to the ministries, you may do so by connecting HERE

We are so excited to have you join our team and look forward to hearing from you!