Central Support


Please email information@oakhillschurch.com  or contact us at 210.698.6868 for general inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.


Meet the elders by clicking here.
Beverly Purdy – Elder Liaison


Max Lucado – Teaching Minister
Karen Hill – Executive Assistant/Executive Editor to Max Lucado  
Janie Padilla – Ministry Assistant to Karen Hill and Max Lucado 


Steve Green – Interim Executive Minister
Beverly Purdy – Executive Assistant/Elder Liaison

Communication Arts

Please click here for information on contacts in Communication Arts which are now part of Crownridge location.

Ministry Development

Greg Hawkins Minister of Ministry Development

Human Resources

Renee Navarro Human Resources Director
Patti Schmidt Human Resources Specialist
Lisa Tennant Human Resources Generalist
Beverly Purdy - Human Resources Administrative Assistant


Jim Rowland Director of Administration
Joan Doherty Accounting Specialist
Grace Rudd Accounting Specialist
Sandra Maldonado – Senior Accounting Specialist


Karan Clark Director of Operations
Kadidja Gibbs  Operations Supervisor
Abby Sendejo Operations Assistant